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Tourism in Kerala

Kerala, a state situated on the tropical Malabar Coast of southwestern India, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Named as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveler, Kerala is famous especially for its ecotourism initiatives and beautiful backwaters. Its unique culture and traditions, coupled with its varied demography, have made Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Growing at a rate of 13.31%, the tourism industry is a major contributor to the state's economy.Until the early 1980s, Kerala was a relatively unknown destination, with most tourism circuits concentrated around the north of the country. Aggressive marketing campaigns launched by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation—the government agency that oversees tourism prospects of the state—laid the foundation for the growth of the tourism industry. In the decades that followed, Kerala Tourism was able to transform itself into one of the niche holiday destinations in India. The tag line Kerala – God's Own Country was adopted in its tourism promotions and became a global superbrand. Kerala is regarded as one of the destinations with the highest brand recall. In 2010, Kerala attracted 660,000 foreign tourist arrivals.

Kerala History

The history of Kerala, India, dates back many millennia. Stone Age carvings in the Edakkal Caves feature pictorial writings believed to date to at least the Neolithic era around 5,000 BC, indicating the presence of a prehistoric civilisation or settlement in this region. From as early as 3000 BC, Chera nadu, currently known as Kerala had established itself as a major spice trade centre. Keralam, the then Chera nadu had direct contact across the Arabian Sea with all the major Mediterranean and Red Sea ports as well those of the Far East. The spice trade between Kerala and much of the world was one of the main drivers of the world economy. For much of history, ports in Kerala were the busiest (Muziris) among all trade and travel routes in the history of the world.

Best Time to Visit in Kerala

Kerala is blessed with a pleasing and enjoyable climate throughout the year across all the seasons and months. Peak Season in Kerala from September to March is the best season to visit Kerala for holidays. In these months the weather is warm and comfortable, but not hot. Summer Season from March to May, is hot but not humid, as it is near the tropics. Monsoon season between June and August is the best time to visit Kerala for Ayurveda treatments. The wet and cold climate in monsoon weather is ideal and Best time to Visit Kerala for Ayurveda treatments and rejuvenation programmes.

Best Season to visit Kerala – Weather and Climate

There are three distinct seasons in Kerala and all these seasons are suitable for visit based on why you are visiting Kerala:Peak Season from September to March when the climate is cool and comfortable and the best time to visit for a holiday in Kerala Off season in Kerala which is the hot, humid summer season from April to May.Monsoon Season from June to August suitable for Ayurveda with rains intermittently Kerala is actually a very rainy state, which no doubt contributes to its lush greenery. Rain is commonly received during nine months of the year there and monsoons in Kerala starts from June.

Peak Season starts just after the monsoon in September and goes on till March just when the summer is starting and is considered to be the best season to visit Kerala.At this time of the year perfect weather and sunny skies are at its mild, pleasantest best providing a great salubrious climate for guests visiting Kerala to enjoy their time in a Kerala Tour covering beaches, hill stations and backwaters.

How to Reach Kerala

Calmness ooze out of the land of Kerala, maybe that's the reason why weary souls find their refuge in this state. Shaped like a slice of happiness on India's tropical Malabar Coast, Kerala is famed for its backwaters, beaches, Ayurveda, hill stations and a series of other experiences. Further, the state is well connected to the convenience of travelers. If you are planning a trip any soon and wondering how to reach Kerala, then we have got every little covered for you. While traveling by air is the best choice for a comfortable journey, there are other modes of transport like rail, road, and sea. Scroll a little for all the information.

By Air

Thinking about how to reach Kerala by air? Here you go. The state is home to 2 international airports, one in Thiruvananthapuram which is connected to the South and the other in Kochi which is linked to Central Kerala. Along with that, the domestic airport in Kozhikode is also strategically located. Cabs are available for the convenience of travelers.

By Road

You can reach Kerala from any part of the country using National Highways 17, 47 and 49. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are directly linked to Kerala through a good network of roads. Many important cities fall on the way.

By Train

Being strategically placed, most of the parts in and out of Kerala are connected by around 200 railway stations. Direct trains connect Kerala to most of the important cities in India including Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta and more. Some of the important railway stations in Kerala are Kasargod, Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Tirunelveli, Kozhikode, and Kollam. For the convenience of travelers, cab services are available for commuting.

Tourist Attractions of Kerala

Lush green tea plantations, serene winding backwaters and spice plantations are a few features that define Kerala as one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Popular as ‘God’s Own Country’ Kerala is a haven for travellers who come here to unwind in the salubrious climes, away from the concrete jungle. In a state where the topography ranges from cool hills to balmy sea beaches, Kerala is a sight for sore eyes. Here is a list of places which are a ‘must-see’ for all those visiting this tropical paradise.

Kerala Shopping

Shopping in Kerala makes for a delightful experience. The land is traditionally rich in handicrafts. The skilled hands of the artisans of Kerala have crafted out a wide variety of objects dart that find a buy among the tourists, especially foreigners.Owing to the abundance of forests and coconut groves in Kerala, wood, jute,coir and coconut shells traditionally remain the base of such handicrafts. A whole range of souvenirs,curios and trinkets are made from these. Artifacts made of teak, deep-wine rosewood and fragrant sandalwood may arrest your eyes while shopping in Kerala. Buffalo horn is also popular with Kerala artisans as a raw material for the handicrafts.

Things To Do in Kerala

wondering what would you do when in the land away from stress, no worries, we have a curated list of things to do in Kerala that you can start with right after stepping in. A family, couple, friends or even solo travel to this state provide a sense of calm at one end while filling the thrill of fun and adventure at the other.Be it jungle safari, sailing in the backwaters, trekking the tips or beachside dine and wine, Kerala things will show you all with full grace and charm. The state is already perfect to visit anytime during the year, the activities are abundant and rise up & down accordingly.