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Tourism in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is India’s smallest union territory and a spectacular tropical island located 300kms off the Kerala Coast. The islands in Lakshadweep offer a rich heritage of ecology and culture as local life here remains highly traditional. Out of 36 islands, only five of them can be accessed by the tourists as the rest of them are inhabited and preserved for their rich natural habitat.

The island is covered with 4200 sq. Ft. of stunning coral reef,lagoon, and warm water- rich in marine wealth. It makes it an attractive untouched leisure spot for snorkelers and scuba divers. The underwater view of Lakshadweep is breathtaking and mesmerizing as it is isolated and less known by people. The lagoon of marine wealth offers exciting opportunities for a range of water sports activities like snorkelling, windsurfing, diving, and kayaking. Lakshadweep has been able to transform itself as India's most adventurous place based at a natural tourism destination. Lakshadweep has strings of palm trees and white sand-covered coral islands. The crystal clear blue sea water looks like emeralds giving scenic beauty to the islands. The administrative capital of the place is KavarattiIsland, and most islanders here speak Malayalam. The islands in Lakshadweep are connected with the mainland through different air and water modes. During monsoons, transport can be challenging; otherwise, extensive modes of transportation are in place for tourists.

History of Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep does not have any sign of tribal groups or aboriginal inhabitants. It is found in history that the Cheras controlled the island in the SangamPatiṟṟuppattu and islanders came here to settle at that time. More recent history depicts that the islands were captured and invaded by the Arabs, Portuguese and then the British. The Indian culture profoundly influences the island as people here speak a dialect in Malayalam. These influences are visible here as per the predominant Hindu and Muslim culture. The generations here are either from Indian or Arab ethnicity, and tourism is a recent occurrence in the islands.

Best Time to Visit Lakshadweep

Although the resorts in Lakshadweep are open in all seasons. The most appropriate time to visit Lakshadweep starts from October to mid of May. It is because from the middle of May to September it is rainy throughout which makes travelling by sea difficult. In summers. The weather ranges from 27°C to 32°C, and in winters, it is about 23°C to 28°C.

How to Reach Lakshadweep

The best part about the beauty of Lakshadweep lies in the fact that it has limited connectivity. However, it is not so ill-connected to be called as inconvenient. One can take direct flights from Kochi either by Indian airlines or through ships. Tourists need to take a permit from Kochi, which acts as a gateway for most tourist activities. Flights for Kochi are available at most of the airports in India for six days a week and abroad too. AgattiIsland contains airstrip, and from there one can take boats,ferries and ships for Kavaratti and Kadmat. Even chopper facilities are now available for making travel easier from October to May. Alternatively, one can take a flight from Cochin to Agatti, which takes around one hour and thirty minutes. There are several passenger ships like MV Kavaratti, MV Arabian Sea, MV Lakshadweep Sea, MV Lagoon, MV Corals, MV Amindivi and MV Minicoy which starts from Cochin to the Lakshadweep islands. The route of these ships takes the time of about 14-18 hours to reach depending on the island. They have all types of services available from economic to luxury scales. There are some ships which are highly comfortable for night journeys like MV Amindivi and MV Minicoy. During peak seasons high-speed ships operate between the islands to make the overall experience much better. There are several accommodations available in Lakshadweep with a hint of eco-friendly materials used in comfortable cottages. Homestays and resorts are quite famous and accessible at reasonable rates. Different packages are also offered by the resorts to make the trip memorable.

Shopping in Lakshadweep

The atolls of Lakshadweep situated miles from the developed areas offers attractive beach events which can be attended by tourists. There are very fewer options available for shopping as the business sector of the place is not established very well. Majority of the people in Lakshadweep live as tenants which is why there is no sign of substantial buildings in miles. However, you can take away with you the beachline crafted articles, and as fishing is quite popular among islanders, a great deal on fish items can be made as souvenirs. Not to forget, you can find some amazing indigenous handicrafts built with palmleaves and coconut coir too.

Best things to do in Lakshadweep

Most of the tourism in Lakshadweep is built around water sports. Lakshadweep’s colourful corals, sandy white beaches and sparkling green waters catch the attention of travellers all around the world. The beaches of Lakshadweep is an ideal place for snorkelling, windsurfing, diving, deep fishing, water skiing, sailing, paragliding, glass-bottom boat ride tours and kayaking, and so on. You might also take excursion tours to nearby islands like Kalpitty, Parali, Thinnakara and Banagram. Lakshadweep is the only place in India where one can witness coral reef formation, which is colourful and insanely beautiful. The waters of Lakshadweep are so clear that one can easily find the beautiful reefs. Due to the presence of corals, the water is shallow making it is easier to swim.