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Tourism in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a city in the Thar Desert of the northwest Indian state of Rajasthan. Its 15th-century Mehrangarh Fort is a former palace that’s now a museum, displaying weapons, paintings and elaborate royal palanquins (sedan chairs). Set on on a rocky outcrop, the fort overlooks the walled city, where many buildings are painted the city’s iconic shade of blue.

History of Jodhpur

According to the Hindu epic Mahabharat', Ahirs were the inhabitants of Marwar and later on the Rathore clan established the Marwar Kingdom. There may have been small settlements before Rathore rule.The Jodhpur city was founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha, a Rajput chief of the Rathore clan. Jodha succeeded in conquering the surrounding territory and thus founded a kingdom which came to be known as Marwar. As Jodha hailed from the nearby town of Mandore, that town initially served as the capital of this state; however, Jodhpur soon took over that role, even during the lifetime of Jodha. The city was located on the strategic road linking Delhi to Gujarat. This enabled it to profit from a flourishing trade in opium, copper, silk, sandalwood, dates and other tradeable goods

Best Time to Visit in Jodhpur

The royal city of Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan and has much to offer in tourism with an abundance of palaces, forts and temples making it a popular tourist destination. October through March is the best time to enjoy the sun kissed city of Jodhpur. This marks the pleasant winter months where outdoor desert activities, sightseeing and honeymooning become a mainstay.

How to Reach in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is one of the prime destinations in Rajasthan and also hosts several cultural events every year. It is well-connected with all major cities of India and the world. Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and many other cities are connected to Jodhpur by road, rail and air. Here is how to reach Jodhpur:


Jodhpur airport is situated about 5 km from the city centre. It is connected to Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi and Mumbai with regular and frequent flights. For the international tourists, the Delhi International Airport is the nearest airport.


Jodhpur Railway station is the nearest railway station. Jodhpur is well connected by railway lines. Trains to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata are easily available.


The city of Jodhpur is well connected with the major domestic states by state and national highways. The state buses provides a decent service to the visistors. One can also opt for a deluxe bus or taxi to reach the target.

Shopping in Jodhpur

Ask random people about what they like the most about their trip to a new city or nation and the first response without any thinking comes out to be SHOPPING. With modernization kicking in and people going crazy for brands such as Zara and H&M, ethnic as well as traditional antiques is something which is still prevalent and holds value in some cities, Jodhpur being one of them. People from all across the world visit the place to buy the handicrafts that it is famous for. In fact, there is an endless list of items which can be bought from the place. So, let us have a quick look at some of the most amazing places to shop at in Jodhpur.

Best Things To Do in Jodhpur

#1 Start your day with a cup of Masala Tea at Bhati Tea Stall

Masala Chai (Spiced Tea) is intrinsic to the rhythm of life in India. Here in Jodhpur, locals love their morning cuppa. Steaming pots of tea made with milk, cardamom, cloves, sugar, ginger, and tea leaves are everywhere to be seen. No day begins without a tiny cup (or two) of spiced tea, known as cutting chai, in local parlance. It’s hard to get a bad cup of tea in Jodhpur but locals are partial to Bhati Tea Stall. There is always a crowd swarming at this tiny stall and it’s easy to see why – their brew is incredible!