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Tourism in Gwalior

Gwalior is best known for its imposing hilltop fort, which was famously described as ‘the pearl amongst fortresses in India’. Historically, the city has been the cradle of a number of dynasties that ruled it over the years. Their influence is clearly seen in the many regal structures that dominate the cityscape. In a sense, Gwalior continues to retain a medieval majesty.Gwalior holds an unparalleled reputation in Sangeet, and has retained Indian traditions and the wealth of music intact over the years. The Gwalior Gharana is one of the oldest Khayal Gharanas and the one to which most classical Indian musicians can trace the origin of their style. Legendary musicians like Tansen and Baiju Bawara belonged to Gwalior.Gwalior also has a rich history in sports, with the wizard of Hockey, Dhyan Chand, belonging to the city.

History of Gwalior

The earliest historical record found at Gwalior is the Gwalior inscription of the Alchon Hun ruler Mihirakula. It describes Mihirakula's father Toramana (493-515) as "a ruler of [the earth], of great merit, who was renowned by the name of the glorious Tôramâna; by whom, through (his) heroism that was specially characterized by truthfulness, the earth was governed with justice", and his Mihirakula as "the lord of the earth" as of 520 AD.Jain statues at Siddhachal Caves inside Gwalior Fort.In 1231 Iltutmish captured Gwalior after an 11-month-long effort and from then till the 13th century it remained under Muslim rule. In 1375, Raja Veer Singh was made the ruler of Gwalior and he founded the rule of the Tomar clan. During those years, Gwalior saw its golden period.The Jain Sculptures at Gwalior Fort were built under Tomar rule. Man Singh Tomar made his dream palace, the Man Mandir Palace which is now a tourist attraction at Gwalior Fort. Babur described it as "the pearl in the necklace of forts of India and not even the winds could touch its masts". The daily light and sound show organised there tells about the history of the Gwalior Fort and Man Mandir Palace. Later in the 1730s, the Scindias captured Gwalior and it remained a princely state during the British Rule

Best Time to Visit in Gwalior

The climate of Gwalior is extreme with hot summers and cold winters. The maximum temperature during the summer months can touch as high as 46°C, while in the winters it can go down to below 5°C. Monsoon starts from the first week of June and remains there till August/September.

How to Reach in Gwalior


-Gwalior is connected by Indian Airlines to Bombay, Bhopal, Indore, and Delhi.


-Gwalior is on the main Delhi-Bombay and Delhi-Madras rail link. Among major trains, the Taj and Shatabdi Express connect Gwalior with Delhi and Agra. Gwalior is well linked with Agra (118 km), Mathura, Jaipur (350 km), Delhi (321 km), Lucknow, Bhopal (423 km), Chanderi (239 km), Indore (486 km), Jhansi (101 km), Khajuraho (275 km), Ujjain (455 km), and Shivpuri (114 km).


-The most common and cheapest way of moving around the city is the six-seater auto-rickshaws. Taxis are also available so are mini buses.

Shopping in Gwalior

1.Arihant Emporium

Don’t we girls love to shop for jewellery as well as the decoration items? Arihant emporium of Gwalior is one such place which is famous for jute handicrafts, dokra figurines, brassware and silverware and stunning tribal jewelry. The miniature and erotic stone-carved sculptures of Khajuraho is the most popular amongst all other items here.You can find a lot of ethnic clothes and jewellery here that goes with every outfit.

2.Patankar Bazaar

Gwalior is among one of those cities that represent our Patankar Bazaar is famous for its Chanderi silk saris, handmade carpets, wall hangings, dolls, lacquer ware, and ornaments. Always bustling with activity, Sarafa Bazaar in Lashkar is known for its handloom products, especially the Chanderi Silk Saris.

3.Dindayal City Mall

One of the biggest mall in the city is Dindayal city mall which is located at Maharani Laxmibai Marg, Lashkar, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474009. The mall is always full of crowd and chaos. Almost everything is available for students, from stationary to clothes and you can see not just student but also the youngster and old age students chilling and having fun. The infrastructure is well built and the beauty of the mall is adorable.

4.Dindayal City Mall

Another add up to the beauty of city is the central mall of Gwalior which is located at Sanatan Dharam Mandir Rd, Roshni Ghar Mohalla, Lashkar, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474009. One of the favourite tourist spot as well.The students come here to chill on their free time as well as to bunk. The mall consists of many places to eat and enjoy and it has a play area to release the stress.

5.DB City Mall

DB city mall is the biggest and the most famous shopping place in Gwalior. The Tourists that visit Gwalior never miss this place in their trip to Gwalior. It is located at LNUPE Campus, Kampoo, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474002. Spread over 13 lacs sq.ft of floor space, ‘DB City’ is one of the largest shopping centers in central India housing.Comprisingof6-screen multiplex, 5 restaurants, a 30,000 sq ft food court, and a 15,000 sq ft family entertainment centre, 7 anchor shops and 135 Retail shops.

Best Things To Do in Gwalior

The fame enjoyed by this city is owed to the great collection of ancient forts and Hindu temples it houses. Besides various places of interest, there is also a range of interesting activities you can enjoy here which make it a hotspot for all kinds of tourists. From temple visits and fort explorations to adventure sports and jungle safaris, Gwalior offers all sorts of amusements to all types of visitors.Whether you want to add colors of spirituality to your vacation or you want to bask in the rich history of Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior can make your time worthwhile. This historical city is a paradise for the patrons of art, architecture, and history. On your visit to Gwalior, you get to create memories by visiting the grand Gwalior Fort, palaces, and a plethora of ancient temples that dot its geography.And if you are a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast, there is no dearth of spots for you either, since the city features places like Madhav National Park and Tighra Dam. Besides, Gwalior also gives you an exciting opportunity to set out on a shopping spree at marketplaces like Sarafa Bazar and Patankar Bazar.