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Tourism in Mumbai

Mumbai- A city that never sleeps, if you want to feel fresh young and rejuvenated then Mumbai is for you. Flooded with discotheques, Restaurants and night clubs Mumbai in actual is the Las Vegas of India.

Mumbai is a city where every night seems like a festival night. So, with heartiest happiness we welcome you to the city of wonders, Mumbai.

History of Mumbai

The city is a modern metropolis whose history is now fast fading into obscurity. Although many may not know the story about the birth of this beautiful city, Mumbaikars are passionate about their rich past and heritage. The name Mumbai is an eponym, derived from the name of a local Goddess called Mumbadevi. The history of this beautiful city dates back to the formation of the seven islands, namely Colaba, Mazagaon, Mahim, Parel, Bombay Island, Worli and Old Woman's Island. This group of islands infact formed a part of the kingdom of Ashoka, the famed Buddhist emperor of India. Following the death of the king, the ownership of these islands was passed on and they were later colonized by a number of different rulers. From the early 19th century, the city went under a massive reconstruction and also experienced a boost in the economy during the American Civil War. Apart from the reconstruction and the ownership, Mumbai (previously called Bombay) has also been witness to mass carnages during the Second World War and the Hindu-Muslim Riots. A series of refurbishments and battles later, the city was officially deemed as the capital of the state of Maharashtra. Scroll further for more on Mumbai and its heritage.

Best Time to Visit in Mumbai

Maharashtra’s capital city, Mumbai is one of the most destinations of India. The best time to visit Mumbai is between the months of October to March, however, the city receives footfall all around the year. The weather during this time is pleasant with the temperature falling in the range of 28 degree C to 33 degree C. Though the minimum temperature goes down to 10 degree C but does not really feel cold. This time is conducive for sightseeing and other activities. April and mid-June make for humid and hot summer months with temperatures going to mid -thirties. Many people visit Mumbai at this time due to discount on rates of hotels and packages etc. Rains hit the shores of Mumbai in the second half of the June and continue till September. Humidity is at an all-time high and Mumbai witnesses heavy rainfall and so this time must be avoided.

How to Reach Mumbai


Mumbai has an international airport, Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport, formerly known as Sahar International Airport. This airport is located at a distance of 30 km from the city center, Nariman and 4 km from the domestic terminal in Santa Cruz. Regular flights connect this airport to important cities of India and World. Both the terminals are 5 km away from each other. Regular shuttle bus service is available between the two. Private cabs are available from outside the airport.


Mumbai contains the headquarters of both Western and Central Railways and thus the city is very well-connected to the country through rails. Super-fast trains as well as passenger trains are available to important Indian cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The city has two railway stations Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), earlier known Victoria Terminus, and Bombay Central Station. Central railways have trains for southern and eastern parts, while western railways have trains for north region from Church gate and other central stations.


An excellent network of road connects Mumbai to the remaining parts of the country. State-run buses connect Mumbai to other cities of the state like Pune (163 km), Aurangabad (392 km), Nashik (184 km) and Mahabaleshwar (239 km) as well as to the destinations of the neighboring states including Panaji (597 km) in Goa, Ahmadabad (545 km) and Vadodara (432 km) in Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh. You can also rent a private cab.

Shopping in Mumbai

Splurge then twirl in an ornate lehenga that channels you inner Bollywood diva after shopping in Mumbai. After quieting your cravings for curry at the best restaurants and street food shacks in town, go above and beyond Mumbai’s museums (although they’re certainly worth a visit or three) and explore the city by navigating the markets, bazaars and boutiques that make up Mumbai’s shopping scene.What, exactly, are we talking about? Scour through a bustling bazaar filled with antiques and come away with deals on teak-wood tables and handcrafted grandfather clocks. Wake up in the wee hours and follow your nose to the oldest docks in Mumbai to bring home fresh prawns, Bombay duck or pomfret. Don't miss the open-air flower market where the sweet smell of roses wafts through the air. Searching for a swanky mall? We've got plenty of those too!

Best Things To Do in Mumbai

Cities like Mumbai may seem chaotic at first, and even if the first reaction of many travelers is to flee to the relatively peaceful beaches of Goa, Mumbai is a diverse, cosmopolitan, noisy city, and one of the most interesting places in India. India, as a subcontinent, is huge and traveling around it is both refreshing and challenging.Mumbai is that type of place that you’ll either love or hate because it’s just so damn big (19 million people and growing). Microcosms of different cultures make up distinct neighborhoods of the city and there aren’t as many tourist attractions to see as there are in New Delhi or other more touristic places in India, but don’t skip out on the city entirely. Mumbai is exciting and interesting and overwhelming—and it’s just that craziness that makes it a special place to visit.TOP 10


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